Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yes, I know it's been a looong while...

...but for the time being, I wrote a review to a book on!
Will start with my ramblings again soon, promise!

Black Lace (Paths of the Spirit, #1)Black Lace by J.V.K.
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Black Lace tries to create a great new refreshing view of vampires and how their world works, I was quite surprised when I picked it up for free on (eBook).

What made it really hard for me to read after all is: it's not edited -AT ALL.
I read it on my phone and/or on my laptop and on every page are about 2-4 errors, grammar and spelling.
The classic 'were' and 'we're' were not even that bad, but double r, double s, silent e were sometimes ignored, words spelled as they are pronounced, too many or not enough commas, proverbial modifiers in the wrong places of the sentence structure or twice in a sentence so you don't know where they belong.
'he' and 'she' mixed up (or sometimes there were two 'he's in a scene or conversation, which was even worse), so in some scenes you have to sift through to get who's meant when, who says what -or have to guess and go on. Loooots of syntax jumbles.
(and I'm not a grammar-Nazi, English is a foreign language to me, but I'm reading English books for years and never had so many problems understanding connections or following a story-line which took the fun out of reading it and made it more into examining someone elses term papers.)
Story-wise there are memory jumps in the middle of conversations, awkward or no transitions...
It reads like a first draft -a good first draft with lots of ideas, but still in the kind of heavy-handed, awkward
construction phase before revision and editing.

If this gets reworked, I can't wait to pick it up again -and pay money for it!

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