Thursday, June 13, 2013

Frozen in place

Have posts planned but can't seem to put them into writing at the moment.i just freeze.
It seems atm people are dying left and right from me.
My niece's friend in a tragic accident, friends of friends, family of friends...and that's something i can least deal with.
I just don't know what to say or do when other people are in pain like this.
If friends are depressed or angry or...i can relate,i can talk logically trying to find a solution with them.
But death is something you can't talk yourself out of and the ones being left are in a pain you can't heal or make disappear.
I'm helpless and my mind is trying not to look at it, but it's busy with it anyway.
That doesn't seem fair to people i should help or comfort, so I'm in a twist and feel bad about it.
You can cry and talk to me about it, I'll listen but there's nothing i know how to do or say.
So whenever i try to do something else and keep my mind occupied,i stress myself out and freeze.

So I'm sorry that i don't finish my posts atm.
They'll come soon,i hope.